Sunday, November 6, 2011


As I have been growing in my faith, a few things have happened. I have become happier and more fulfilled of course, and I have also learned alot on how to read the bible and how to apply it not only in my everyday life, but how to relate things from the old testament to the new. Its been so amazing. I have also read alot of other books by authors like John Piper, RC Sproul, John MacArthur, Mattie Montgomery, JI Packer and many more. Expanding not only my knowledge of scripture, but how to use scripture in most aspects of my life.

But, and this is a bit but, I have become very hardened and cocky with what I have become. Mark Driscol says that every new Calvinist should be locked in a room for five years after they become reformed. I could not agree more. Without my knowledge I became very confrontational and cocky about what my theology is. I was starting fights on social media networks, with friends, and even with family on what I perceived as the true way to teach, learn, evangelize, and even love God. And all of this happened without my knowledge!

Last night, after my wife came home, she took me aside and spoke to me about these things. I was floored by this, I could not believe that my wife was confronting me about my theology! And let me tell you, I fought it tooth and nail all the way to the end, I even went as far as questioning her faith and love! Horrible right? Well I went outside to essentially get away from the argument, but while I was out there I began to pray.

An amazing thing happened. I became so humbled. I was shown that I was running with the sin of pride, and running it quite fast. I sat out there, in front of my apartment just broken down by the Holy Spirit.

When I came inside I could tell that my wife was ready for round two. But as I sat down on the couch and I took her hand in mine, I told her that she was right. And she was, and is right about the whole situation. I know for a fact that God put her there in that place at that time to tell me these things and to humble me and put my sin on display for me to see and work through it. Its like I told my pastor this morning, its a wonderful thing to know that the Holy Spirit is in me and working in me, but it is so glorious to see it at work in another person, not just for their benefit, but for mine!!

So, it is such a breathtaking fact that even though i have been justified through Christ, I live my life being sanctified, giving glory to God and doing all things for him. I have alot to learn, and alot of growing to do, I am just so honored to have a loving wife to pick me up when I am down and talk to me, and my Lord, my King, my God to take off the lense that clouds my vision, and show me the biblical lense that shows the amazing work and sacrifice that he gave with Jesus Christ on the cross. It left me speechless, that's why i had to type it! God bless

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  1. Good word man. Humility is essential and should be easy if we just sit back and examine just how much of a wretch we are. Yet somehow we can even be prideful in understanding our wretchedness! I know I'm always battling pride in my pantheon of sins. Thanks again for the sobering words.